Heaven Sent Bengals
Black Hills of Western South Dakota
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What are the personalities of Bengal cats in general?

Bengals are incredible and very entertaining. They are energetic as well as very outgoing and social with kids, dogs and company. They enjoy going on walks, playing fetch and seem to have the personality much like a dog. They are wonderful and full of adventure! When ready to crash they enjoy sleeping in your lap or alongside you.

Do Bengals make good pets?

Bengals make wonderful pets if you like an active, playful companion. Be sure to research your breeder and if possible meet the parents or ask details about the parents personality. Our Bengal kings and queens are social with everyone and can't wait to entertain guests or cuddle in your lap for a few pets.

Are Bengals good with kids?

We have come to find over the years Bengals enjoy the energy kids have to play with them. From running laps around the kitchen in their kiddo's toy dump truck, to riding in the toy shopping cart. When raised correctly Bengals can be a fun addition to people of all ages.

Are Bengals good with other animals? Are they good with dogs?

Our Bengals love to play with the dogs. It is a common sight here at Heaven Sent to see a Bengal rough housing with a border collie or curled up sleeping between their paws. Small animals or birds I would however caution due to their wild genetics. 

Do Bengals like water?

Bengals LOVE water!!! A pond in the outdoor playground or water in the tub is just another exciting adventure.

Do Bengals use the litter box?

SBT Bengals are very good at using the litter box. We start our kittens with Dr. Elsey's Kitten attract litter. We find even young kittens make very few mistakes when using this litter and good habits from the start makes for good habits later on. Our foundation kittens we use the same litter however we have also learned recently they are very good at using a toilet. However, the best way to keep your kitten from spraying is thru spaying and neutering.

What are Bengals typically fed?

Bengals need a high quality diet that is high in protein but low in fat. Raw is an excellent option for Bengals and they love it! We make our own raw here at Heaven Sent Cattery.

Do Bengals cats like the outdoors and how do you keep them safe while still having fun?

Bengals love going outdoors but there are lots of dangers. Bengals can easily be taught to walk on a leash. Fully enclosed outdoor habitats are another option.

Why do you bottle feed your Bengal kittens?

This is one of our most common questions! All Bengals have some percentage of wild genetics. From birth we supplement our kittens with a mix of Breeders Edge kitten formula and Fox Formula from Fox Valley Animal Nutrition. This allows us to imprint each kitten with human interaction. This provides for more cuddly and personable little leopards.

What comes with my Bengal kitten?

All of our kittens or vaccinated and microchipped. We also send with them a sample of their food, a few of their favorite toys, a bed that smells like home, and some supplemental reading information.


We are ways more than willing to answer any questions related to our kings and queens, our kittens, and the cattery. So please do not ever hesitate to ask. We enjoy talking with everyone about our cattery!!!